Advanced Interventional Pain & Diagnostics (AIPD) is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of acute, chronic and cancer pain with minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Pain therapy plans are designed specifically for you after a careful history and examination are given.

Care is taken to retrieve pertinent studies and to review ongoing current treatment strategies. Attention is given to optimizing medical therapy strategies and directing physical therapy efforts as appropriate to regain activity and function.

Lastly, the latest innovative interventional pain technologies are utilized to interrupt and reduce your pain to as low a level as is possible.

For those who need or require chronic pain care, we coordinate our pain therapy plan with your attending physician. Your attending physician knows you best, and we work with this person to see that our plan is adjusted and tailored individually for you.


Advanced Interventional Pain & Diagnostics of Western Arkansas is a full-time interventional pain medicine clinic providing pain care for patients in the Western Arkansas area. Our physicians more...


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